Jun 03, 2019 · As we know that Adblock plus most famous ads blocking addon for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. You can Surf the web without annoying ads with Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus blocks banners, pop-ups and video type ads – even on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, Daily motion & many more. It also blocks some tracking, malware domains types ads. Type Adblock Plus in search field ; Select Adblock Plus; Click Install (source: (source: Alternative : You also may use uBlock Origin. uBlock has more customization capabilities and uses less system resources. How to Turn Off AdBlock on Firefox. In Firefox, some websites will not launch or load properly if Adblock, a browser add-on used to block ads, is turned on. Although Adblock blocks annoying advertisements that open additional browsing windows when you visit certain sites, it may also block windows such as pop-up Download AdGuard adblock extension to block ads in Firefox. Enjoy safe, fast browsing without annoying ads! Mar 24, 2017 · They will continue using the current (2.x) version of AdBlock. People who don’t already have AdBlock and are using older versions of Firefox (or Firefox for Android) can simply install our current version, 2.x, which is compatible with Firefox 51. To run AdBlock for Firefox 3.0 and later, users need to update to Firefox 52. สำหรับ Adblock ก็น่าจะรู้จักกันดีเพราะเป็นตัวบล๊อกโฆษณาในเว็บและใน Youtube ไม่ให้แสดงโฆษณา แต่สำหรับบล๊อกเกอร์ผู้ทำเว็บและผู้สร้างคอนเทนท์ หา

2020-6-26 · firefox手机浏览器x86版 v46.0 安卓版 Mozilla Firefox火狐浏览器中国版 for mac v47.0.1 官方中文版 Firefox火狐浏览器苹果手机版 v5 iphone越狱版 adblock plus火狐插件(广告拦截插件) v4.0 免费版 火狐浏览器json插件 火狐浏览器(Firefox Mobile) for Android V34

Something is returning AdBlock to its default, "just-installed" state every time you close Firefox. Here are some common reasons this can happen. There was a problem initializing AdBlock after an update. If Firefox encounters a problem updating AdBlock, it may reset AdBlock to its default state and not tell you first.

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Adblock Plus, the most popular ad blocker on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android and iOS. Block pop-ups and annoying ads on websites like Facebook and YouTube. Jun 30, 2020 · AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Android, iOS) (Image credit: Eyeo) AdBlock Plus (ABP) is among the most popular ad blockers, with extensions available for Firefox, Chrome Download Adblock Plus for Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera – Whenever you open a web browser, there must be some annoying ads or pop-ups appear nowhere. However, this problem won’t happen anymore when you use Adblock Plus. Compatible with most of the web browser, you can expect great features from this ad-blocking web extension. L'utilitaire Adblock Plus est un module complémentaire de Firefox open source servant à bloquer les publicités intrusives et les bannières publicitaires encombrantes. Il dispose désormais de