Oct 07, 2014 · There is no way. the WD article below suggests reformatting the device and setting one that you can remember. Setting up security to lock or unlock a WD external drive with WD SmartWare Version 1.6.x and earlier

"Thank you for contacting Western Digital Support. If you have locked the drive with a password using WD SmartWare and have forgotten the password, you will no longer be able to access the data. The drive is encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption algorithm and for obvious security reasons WD does not make a copy of your password or store it May 09, 2015 · WDLXTV is a homebrew firmware developed by the community for the WDTV line of products from Western Digital. Its goal is to add a lot of new features on top of what is already provided by WD, such as movie sheets, Bittorrent, streaming from external online sources, and a lot more. Send it to WD then. They implemented the security, they will know how, if at all, how to crack it. The actual password will be stored on a chip within the drive hardware which itself will be encrypted. The driver that came with the hardware kn Oct 12, 2010 · Hi, I have a WD Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB Hard Drive which comes with WD Smartware software. I had put a password in it without a hint and now I have lost the password. This hard drive use 256 bit hardware encryption. All my personnel and important data is in it and I am unable to remember the password. Jun 15, 2020 · Windows PC does not recognize WD TV Live (Resolved). - posted in Hardware, Components and Peripherals: I have a WD TV LIVE media player that that is no longer really needed. There are music and photos that I would like to get off and put on my PC I have hooked it up to my computer using a cable with USB ports on each end. It is not detected in file explorer while my two WD external hard drives

WD My Book Data Recovery

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Hello, We recently had an employee leave our company. Her files are backed-up on a WD my book essential external hard drive. The program to restore is password protectected and we have no way of getting that information.

Hacks & Tutorials - Hacking WD MyBook World Ed MyBook Live version. goto MyBook Live page There is a new MyBook out as from end 2010 : the MyBook Live. This version is significantly different from from the preceeding ones, as it uses a Debian Lenny distribution. Post on the forum and update the Wiki once you have made a hack or find ways to use it.