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Error 11 - Unroutable - what does it mean? – Knowledgebase Error 11 - Unroutable refers to message failed due to not route available to deliver message to the number in question. Please contact us by creating a ticket at help How to Deal with Unroutable Messages - RabbitMq Publishing Mar 12, 2017 Lot Placement? — The Sims Forums

Oct 27, 2016

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Error: Server returned unroutable private IP addre - THWACK

FTP may operate in an active or a passive mode, which determines how a data connection is established. In both cases, a client creates a TCP control connection to an FTP server command port 21. This is a standard outgoing connection, as with any other file transfer protocol (SFTP, SCP, WebDAV) or any other TCP client application (e.g. web browser).So, usually there are no problems when opening