Impose Fines for Data Breaches. The Cambridge Analytica data loss was the result of a breach of …

Who Takes Responsability for Facebook’s Ethical Decisions This isn’t the first time Facebook breached ethical standards. In an article about ethics committees the Interaction Design Foundation mentioned that in 2014 Facebook manipulated 689,000 users newsfeed, this lead to significant mainstream criticism with claims that Facebook were treating users like lab rats. Facebook data privacy scandal: A cheat sheet - TechRepublic Jul 24, 2019 Facebook, Big Data, and Trust | Practical Ethics Apr 13, 2018

Mar 24, 2018

Facebook Ethics: Response To Ethical Issue Of Facebook | Cram Response to Ethical Issue The ethical issue can be classified as fairness in terms of its outreach to loyal and potential clients. Facebook can be easily and cheaply accessed by virtually all clients who are subscribed to such social sites. Facebook emotion study breached ethical guidelines

Facebook's biggest problem isn't ethics, hate or fake news

Recent changes in the SMW policies and controversies related to particular studies have raised new issues regarding whether observation of the public behavior via SMWs should continue to receive the IRB approval. 16 At one state university, the IRB's review and interpretation of the Facebook Rights and Responsibilities statement led to Facebook’s Emotion Experiment: Implications for Research